"Clivia Five"

Copyright 2003 by Clivia Society. All rights reserved.  Reproduced by permission. Clivia Five (2003) Published by the Clivia Society (South Africa). Soft cover, 112 pp. Format 8 1/4 by 5 3/4 inches.


  • Collecting Clivia in their natural habitat - John Winter
  • Clivia in Australia - Ken Smith
  • The Genus Clivia in ethnomedicine - Neil Crouch et al.
  • Color Pigments in Clivia - Harold Koopowitz et al.
  • Introduction to polyploidy in Clivia breeding - Aart van Voorst
  • Leaf formation and its relation to flowering in Clivia miniata - Hannes Robbertse et al.
  • A selection of Jim Comstock's slides
  • Variegated clivias in Japan - Shigetaka Sasaki
  • Visits to special Clivia places after the international Clivia Symposium - Conrad Calitz
  • The Caulescens tour - Ken Smith
  • Poor Man's Peach - Nick Primich
  • Some observations on Clivia caulescens - Connie & James Abel
  • Promoting early flowering of Clivia miniata seedlings with a note on converting foreign fertilizer formulations -- Ian Brown
  • A clean slate -- Keith Hammett
  • Natural interspecific hybrids in Clivia - John Rourke
  • Notes on pollination and pollen tube growth in Clivia miniata - Hannes Robbertse et al.
  • A visit to Mr Yoshikazu Nakamura in Japan - Charl Malan
  • Clivia mutations and modifications - Wessel Lötter
  • Secondary pseudo-umbels in Clivia mirabilis inflorescences - John Rourke
  • Was the plant named Clivia nobilis in 1828 "surreptitiously obtained" from Kew? - John van der Linde
  • Map of known distirbution of Clivia species - Claude Felbert
  • Fire and the distribution of Clivia in South Africa - Dee Snijman
  • Insect control on Clivia, the organic and chemically friendly way - Johan Gerber
  • Persistent melaybugs - John winter
  • Inflorescence bud abortion, and the importance of growth modules when dividing and feeding Clivia miniata - Mick Dower
  • The name game - Kenneth R. Smith
  • Book Review - Nick Primich
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