"Clivia Four"

Copyright 2002 by Clivia Society. All rights reserved.  Reproduced by permission. Clivia Four (2002) Published by the Clivia Society (South Africa). Soft cover, 80 pp. Format 8 1/4 by 5 3/4 inches.


  • The Miraculous Clivia - John Rourke
  • Growing and propagating C. mirabilis - John Winter
  • The Story Behind the Cover Picture - John van der Linde
  • A layman's Commentary on the next article - John van der Linde
  • Molecular Systematics of the Genus Clivia - Ferozah Conrad and Gail Reeves
  • Vegetative Propagation of Clivia - Ammie Grobler and Lena van der Merwe
  • Peach and Pastel Clivia and their origins - Bill Morris
  • The Nutritional System of Clivia - Hannes Robbertse
  • The Ideal pH and Nutrition for Clivia - Pierre de Coster
  • The role played by the Various Elements of Nutrition in the Life, Growth and Health of Plants- Marc Vissers
  • The Role of Light (or Radiation) on the growing of plants - Denis van Rensberg
  • Plant Diseases - Nematodes - Sean Chubb
  • Pests and Diseases affecting Clivia in South Africa - Henriette Stroh
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