"Clivia Yearbook 1"

Copyright 1998 by Clivia Society. All rights reserved.  Reproduced by permission. Clivia Yearbook 1 (1998) Published by the Clivia Society (South Africa). Soft cover, 72 pp. Format 8 1/4 by 5 3/4 inches.


  • Introductory Review - Dr. John Rourke
  • Opening Address - Professor Charles Stirton
  • In Vitro Culture of Clivia miniata - Dr. Jeff Finnie
  • Commercial Propagation of Clivia miniata Regal and Control of Plant Development and Flowering- Dr. Johan van Huylenbroeck
  • Clivia breeding in Japan - Yoshiazu Nakamura
  • A Comprehensive Discussion of theCultivation of Clivia - Christo Lotter
  • History of Clivia in Belgium - Pierre de Coster
  • Selection and Commercial Production of Clivia in Europe - Pierre de Coster
  • Variegation in Clivia miniata - Nicholas Primich
  • Research in Clivia Chromosomes - Dr. Keith Hammett In collabration with Yidong Ron and B.G. Murray
  • Clivia in Australia - Pen Henry in collabration with Kenneth R. Smith
  • Clivia Mutations and Colour Variations - Wessel Lotter
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