About NACS

The North American Clivia Society (NACS) was founded on-line in May, 2003, by a group of clivia lovers scattered across the United States. The society was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in the State of Indiana on December 16, 2003, under the name, North American Clivia Society, Inc.

NACS is run by volunteers.

The purposes of the Society, as stated in the Articles of Incorporation, are:

  • To promote and develop knowledge regarding the planting, cultivating, plant breeding, growing, showing, care, feeding, watering, nutrition, treatment and disease prevention of all varieties and relatives and derivatives of the Clivia plant;
  • To conduct research or experimental projects and education or conservation programs relating to the Clivia plant;
  • To provide support and advocacy for botanical and flowering plant interests; and
  • To serve as a conduit of global commercial, cultural, and technical horticultural exchanges and relationships.