Held March 17 and 18, 2012. The North American Clivia Society would like to than Longwood Gardens for continued support of fulfilling the society's mission to raise public awareness of the genus clivia.

All photographs on this website are copyrighted. Copyright ©2012 by William Hill and Longwood Gardens. All rights reserved. Permission has been granted to www.northamerican clivia society.org and it's viewers for private, non-commercial reuse of these photographs.

To download a copy of the Show's Program please Click Here.

bloomingplantsdisplayplantsbestinshow_small.jpg foliageplantsnonlongitudinalvariegationbestinshow_small.jpg bloomscutpedicelsabestinshow_small.jpg bloomingplantsunusualyellowflowerformbestindivision_small.jpg
bloomingplantsyellowcolors1stplace_small.jpg bloomingplantsyellowcolors2ndplace_small.jpg bloomingplantsyellowcolors3rdplace_small.jpg bloomingplantsorangecolors1stplace_small.jpg
bloomingplantsorangecolors2ndplace_small.jpg bloomingplantsorangecolors3rdplace_small.jpg bloomingplantsorangecolors_small.jpg bloomingplantsorangecolors2_small.jpg
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