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North American Clivia Society

The North American Clivia Society promotes and develops knowledge regarding the planting, cultivating, plant breeding, growing, showing, care, feeding, watering, nutrition, treatment and disease prevention of all varieties, relatives and derivatives of the Clivia plant. We are a Section 503(c)3 tax exempt organization.

A request from the NACS webmaster. Please to the Webmaster when you encounter anything wrong with NACS. Since NACS is run by volunteers and the NACS website is large, sometimes errors are missed. Do not assume that NACS is aware of problems or that NACS is intentionally trying to do something wrong. Rather, explain the problem in an email so that a NACS volunteer can look into the problem. Thank you for your help in making NACS a more helpful source of information. If you would like to volunteer, then please let us know.